Monday, April 23, 2007


376 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, Sassafras. 9755 2100

This was our second visit to Ripe in Sasafrass. The first time we visited we were there for lunch, but this time we were there to try some of their amazing cakes. I also promised myself that I would try the hot chocolate which is made by grating Lindt chocolate and pouring hot milk over the chocolate to melt it. More on that later....
There were a huge range of cakes and desserts to choose from and it was so hard to decide. But the fresh, locally picked Raspberries in the Raspberry Mousse cake were too hard to pass up. The cake was layered with sponge slices and Raspberry Mousse. It was perfect and the tangy, slight sourness of the grapes was a perfect contrast to the sweetness of the rest of the cake.
The hot chocolate I ordered was the Lindt Dark Chocolate. I ordered this, because I thought that the milk chocolate might have been a bit full on, being too sweet. Unfortunately, this was the case with the Dark chocolate too. It was way too rich to drink, I barely drank half of it. They obviously use too much chocolate in the drink and it just pools at the bottom of the glass.
When you get down lower in the glass, you get floaty, chocolatey, jelly type lumps, which really turned me off finishing the drink.
The idea of a grated lindt hot chocolate sounds great. Stick with the meals and the cakes I think and you'll be on a winner.


Cherrie Pie said...

ooohh.. that raspberry mousse cake looks devine.

Cindy said...

That cake does indeed look fantastic! Might just stick with a cup of tea to pair with it rather than that super-rich hot chocolate. :-)