Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pie In The Sky

43 Olinda-Monbulk Rd, Olinda Ph 9751 2128

When I first visited the Dandenongs, quite a few years ago now, I came across a place at the end of the main shopping strip in Olinda called Pie In The Sky. The signs outside show that they have many awards and pie competitions around town. When you actually think about it, most pie shops in the country seem to actually have won some sort of award or another.
Let me tell you though, Pie In The Sky is the most deserving that I have visited.
The restaurant itself is very country inspired, with little Nanna type decorations adorning the walls and locally made jams for sale on the shelves.
You can eat in or take away at Pie In the Sky, but you'll pay a couple of dollars extra to eat in. If you eat in, you can have sides of things like Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Sausages, Peas and more, brilliantly matched to an Autumn drive through the fog in the Dandenongs.
The pies themselves though are like none I've ever eaten before. The secret to the pies, is the deliciously flaky puff pastry. It's made in house and it's so, so good - it's what makes these pies so outstanding. The fillings themselves aren't your regular country fillings either. Things like Tandoori Chicken (my fave), Spinach and Cheese with Rice for the Vegies, Lamb Korma, Thai Green Curry and of course you've got your good old chunky Beef Pie. There are many more flavours but can't remember them all off the top of my head.
I love this place and can't speak highly enough about it. When I visit I often grab a whole bunch of pies to take away, so I can freeze them and heat them up myself at home when I feel like some country goodness!
My one tip though is to make sure that if you're getting a take away pie, that they get it out of a pie warmer and not from the microwave. Unfortunately if they've run out of the flavour you want in the pie warmer, they will heat them up in the microwave. These leads to soggy pastry and you will miss out on the magic that is the Pie In The Sky puff pastry.
Check out the cakes on offer too!

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Brooke said...

ooh, I have been to Pie in the sky a few years ago and loved it!! I love driving thrugh Olinda and Sassafras...especially great in summer. Now you have me craving pies! The tandoori one sounds especially yummy :)

ilingc said...

Pies! Glorious pies! Now you've got me craving for some Thai Green Curry pies. Thanks for being such a sport about my little comment bout the Pie in the Sky post :)

Miss Eagle said...

Now, if only you had dropped a line. I'm en route to Olinda at Upper Gully. Could have done a food blogger meet up! Blessings and bliss for a HNY. Pie in the Sky is wonderful. A very pleasant experience!