Thursday, April 12, 2007

Casa Iberica's Portuguese Custard Tarts

25 Johnston Street Fitzroy 9419 4420

If you've never been to Casa Iberica, it's basically the Spanish version of the Italian Mediterranean Importers in Sydney Rd. Casa Iberica is located in Johnston St, Fitzroy, just near Nicholson St.

They sell everything from Paella Pans, Chorizo, Cheeses and the prized Spanish Jamon. As well as selling all that Spanish goodness, they also sell these delicious little goodies - Portuguese Custard Tarts. These are the best Custard Tarts available in this town. They are baked in the most delicious puff pastry which is both crispy and slightly soft at the same time. The custard isn't too sweet, has a little hint of vanilla and has a nice little skin on the top. Everyone I've introduced these tarts to has fallen in love with them and keep asking me to get them more! You must try them, you must!!

A little word of warning though, I've noticed these little goodies tend to sell out by the afternoon, so try to get in there early if you can.


Cindy said...

I've only tried these once and they are great! Always sold out when I visit Casa Iberica. :( But I usually find plenty of non-perishable odds and ends to impulse buy instead. ;-)

Cherrie Pie said...

ooohhhh... Portuguese Custard Tarts... I'm drooling. Looking at the photos, I really have to try these :)

thanh7580 said...

I will try them, I will.

I absolutely love Portugese Tarts, more than egg tarts even because I like the pastry more. I usually get my Portugese tarts from Carrington cake shop in Box Hill. Any those always sell out by lunch time on a Saturday. Now I know of a second place to get some, must try soon. Thanks for letting us know Adski.

Truffle said...

I agree they're pretty great. Also must buys are the jamon and queso manchego. I always thinks theirs has a slight taste of truffle. We always end up buying some bread as well and have a little impromtu picnic in the car on the way home. I'm clearly not the type who can hold back when she has goodies in hand!

Anonymous said...

Casa Iberica is actually run by a couple of Portuguese people. It is offensive to hear people describe it as being purely spanish. It is full of both Portuguese and Spanish produce.
People should do their research before speaking crap.

Adski said...

I did mention the Portuguese Custard Tarts, didn't I?
And I don't recall calling the owners Spanish or Portuguese.
However, now we are adequately informed. Thank you for your words of wisdom 'Anonymous!'

Adski said...

oh, by the way... you should all check out the portuguese custard tarts at Juanita's on Brunswick St, just next to Bimbo Deluxe. Delicious! They also good great Churros too!

Anonymous said...

Actually to be precise Casa Iberica stocks Spanish, Portuguese...but most of all Latin American (Mexican Salvadorian, Guatemalan, Chilean, etc) goodies and staple foods and is perhaps the largest stock of this kind in Melbourne. I haven't tried their portuguese custard tarts, but generally do enjoy these sweet little cakes, so will try to get there ASAP and give them a try, they are great with a nice espresso or cortado coffee...yumm yumm