Monday, April 02, 2007

Babka's Egg Loaf

358 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, +61 3 9416 0091

When I've slept in on a weekend and I can't be bothered cooking breakfast, one of my favourite things to grab is a Egg Loaf from Fitzroy's Babka. This slightly sweet loaf is just so nice and even better if you manage to get them still warm and just baked. You don't need to do anything special to it, you don't even need to toast it. Just whack some jam on it, I prefer home made Apricot Jam and you've got your breakfast done. At $4, you can't go wrong for an easy way to start the day! ...and despite what that guy from 'The Breakfast Blog' says, I love the service at Babka!

Stay tuned for my review on Babka's Hot Cross Buns, which year after year, have people lined up down the street (even on weekday mornings) waiting for them!


Anonymous said...

shameless self promotion but hey, you're a foodie and we like foodies...try The Commoner Bistro Bar & Courtyard at 122 Johnston St, opened late Feb for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hope you like ;-)

Anonymous said...

I use a similar egg loaf and turn it into french toast. Then put on maple syrup. YUMMY!