Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Healesville Harvest

What would a beautiful Saturday afternoon be without a drive up to the hills in the Yarra Valley. Being the Easter weekend, Healesville was amazingly quiet. Everyone must have either have been at the wineries drinking up their Easter cheer, or avoiding the smoke that was covering the town due to a fuel burn off in the nearby hills.
We stopped at Healesville Harvest for a bite to eat for lunch. We tend to drop by here most times when we're in the area. The food is reasonably priced and is sourced from local producers and growers.
Rach ordered the meatballs with fresh Tomato Sugo, Rocket Salad and fresh Harvest Bread. Served in a little terracotta pot, these meatballs are brilliantly homemade, moist and perfectly seasoned. They make for a great little lunch, especially with the bread and salad.

When I spied a row of bones sticking out of some sandwiches, I was intrigued and had to try one. What I ordered turned out to be a Veal Rib Sandwich. It wasn't a sandwich you could really eat with your hands, I mean the ribs were so big that the rye bread slices barely covered the meat. The Veal meat itself, was the nicest colour pink you have ever seen, it was juicy and so, so tender. The sandwich also included the fresh Sugo, which they must have made a big batch of that day. Layered in there was also some of that delicious bacon from the butcher's across the road - trust me when I say, this is the best bacon you will ever try anywhere.

Next was dessert. Rach ordered the sticky treacle like Pecan Pie. Normally I don't like Pecan Pie, but this was delicious. Not too sweet, not too full on. When Rach couldn't eat anymore, I happily obliged to finish it off for her.

I ordered the Wild Berry Frangipane Tart, which was delicious. Soft where it should be, slightly bitter in places and perfectly sweet in the rest. Both cakes were served with some delicious double cream.

Local country produce, big city taste


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