Monday, March 05, 2007

Yarra Valley Ice Cream

So, we all know I'm obsessed with the Yarra Valley. "Why don't you just move there" I hear you all say. Well, unfortunately, I'm not here to tell you that that's what I'm doing. I'm here to talk up Yarra Valley Ice-Cream! If you haven't tried it before, try to get your hands on some. I know that you can get it from a few places around the Yarra Valley; Harvest Cafe-Healesville, Ripe-Sassafrass, Yarra Valley Dairy-Yering. I'm not sure who stocks it in Melbourne, but it's definately worth tracking down! It's not cheap, usually around $6 for a little noodle box type tub that serves one. Here I'm eating the Tiramisu flavour which is my favourite so far. The chocolate is actually from the amazing Chocolate makers at Kennedy and Wilson. I'm not sure of what other flavours there are, but they always use locally sourced flavours and the ice cream is made with free range eggs. Get your hands on some!

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