Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A1 Bakery

643 - 645 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, VIC. 3056 Phone: +61 3 9386 0440

Right in the middle of our very own Middle East- Sydney Rd Coburg, you’ll find A1 Bakery. A Middle Eastern Food Store, where you’ll find everything from Rose Water to vats of Olive Oil. Set at the back of the food store is a very busy bakery, which sells breads, pizzas and more. The prices here are cheap, REALLY cheap… and the food is great! When we visited I got myself a Sausage Pizza ($4.50 from memory), which was flavoured in tomato, olives and a spicy sausage, then covered in cheese. Crunchy around the edges and just soft enough in the middle, delicious. We also tried the Spinach and Feta Cheese Pie, ($3 from memory also) which was really tasy, but the liquid from the spinach had made the bottom of the pastry a little too soggy. Not to worry, it’s good, healthy, interesting, cheap, food.


kitchen hand said...

I bought my cast iron barbecue there. Yes - they sell barbecues.

Adski said...

what exactly is a cast iron bbq? does it go on a fire or the stove?