Friday, July 20, 2007

Mushroom Risoni

This is the first time I'd ever used Risoni for anything other than putting into soup. I found a recipe when I was away on holidays in a cookbook that was at the house that I was staying at for Risoni which is made, kind of like Risotto. The cookbook was Two's Cooking but unfortunately, I didnt write down the recipe! I would love to give it to you, but it's pretty easy to make anyway.
Basically you sautee some mushrooms for about 5 -10 mins, until they're quite dry. cook some garlic in some butter and then put in your risoni, put in some chicken stock as per packet instructions and leave to simmer until cooked. Once cooked, stir in some parsley, butter and parmesan.
The risoni has such a silky texture in your mouth. It's much easier to make than risotto, you don't have to watch it and stir it constantly. It is very similar though to risotto at the end and I can see how some people could easily prefer risoni to risotto.


Truffle said...

This looks and sounds wonderful!

Adski said...

Hey, thanks truffle! It really was delicious. Worth trying if you've never tried risoni this way before.
It's quite a good cookbook too. I think i might have to invest!

Anonymous said...

i just used risoni to make a risotto because i thought it was rice (haha). i found out half way through, googled the stuff to see if anyone else did it. i cooked it according to the risotto method (saute, watch, stock, stir etc) and it came out really good. i stopped cooking as soon as the pasta lost its last bit of 'crunch' - i think it might have got a bit soggy if i cooked it longer

hilary said...

Brilliant! your blog reminded me where to find my recipe. It is a great recipe, the book is good too, by Jane and Jeremy Strode.