Thursday, December 02, 2010

Three Bags Full

56 Nicholson St
Abbotsford, 3067

There's something about Three Bags Full that is just cool. Damn cool.
I thought at first that the flocks of people that come through the doors were only there because there wasn't any other decent cafe around Abbotsford. Whilst this is true, there's something more to TBF that at first I couldn't put my finger on. Then as I looked around the room and started to put all the pieces together.
There's the antique Tolix Chairs. Not the replicas that all the other cafes are using, but the real deal.. There's the bare globes dangling from the ceiling. There's the bright yellow highlights around the room. The old warehouse walls are garnished with artwork; rubbings of ladies undergarments. The big factory style windows brighten the room. Flowers on the tables bring a touch of elegance to the old factory room.

A glance down at the other end of our communal table and we spied an ex-Masterchef contestant. Another look across to the constant flow of people coming through the door- early on a Monday morning and we spot local comedian Josh Thomas. It seems that even the local celebs think highly of this place.

I ordered the smashed peas, ricotta, tomato vinaigrette with poached egg on sourdough. What an awesome warm weather breakfast. Fresh peas on toast, with runny poached eggs on top. Very Cool!

The coffee is sensational. It was strong on the morning we visited, but it's not too bitter and not too milky. There's not many coffees around town that I actually really like, but these guys make my favourite so far!

The staff, some of which I recognise from the owners other cafe in Alphington - APTE.
Despite the popularity of the cafe early on a Monday, staff are friendly and efficient, even somewhat bubbly! A hard one to pull off on a Monday!

So, what is it about this place that makes it so cool? I think it's everything. They seem to have gotten all the little details 'just right.' From the food to the service, to the decor to the Hilltop Hoods being played on the speakers. Very cool. I can see why this place is always busy. If you have to wait for a table, trust me when I say it's worth the wait.

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Blue Fruit said...

Hi, just discovered your blog while googling Hardware Societe, and man this is a fabulously designed little blog!

But as you haven't posted this year, is it a dead duck, or are you continuing on with it? Hopefully the latter.

Best, blue fruit,