Monday, September 28, 2009

Little Ox

452 New Street Brighton, Vic

Some friends of mine had a beautiful baby this year and their nickname for him before they he was born was "Little Ox." So, when I heard about a cafe of the same name in Brighton, I had to check it out. The cafe, is straight out of Real Living magazine. Whoever put this place together knows their stuff when it comes to interior design. Clean white walls, with a colourful country vibe. Just my cuppa tea. Bright yellow ladders, replica Eames chairs, amazing yellow rimmed Bribe glassware, bright orange tea pots and milk bottles with flowers in them. This place is farmhouse cool!

We arrived the day after the AFL Grand Final and unexpectedly the place was packed at 9.30am! I was sure everyone would be in bed, still nursing hangovers. This place is fairly new from my understanding, but when something is this good, word spreads fast!
Despite a bunch of people waiting at the door, the oh so beautiful staff are not only gorgeous, (apparently the guys aren't too bad either) they are good at their jobs, despite their post Grand Final Hangovers. Instead of keeping us waiting for a table, since it was raining outside, they bought in an extra table and chairs for us - happy days.

There were so many tasty choices on the menu which made it hard to decide, but since it was a freezing Melbourne morning, we decided to go with the Baked Beans $13 with poached egg $3. This isn't your typical Baked Beans as a side to some eggs. The Baked Beans are the hero here topped with a perfectly poached egg. The beans are big, smokey and delicious! Comfort food at it's best. They're served in a bowl, not on toast. You're not even served your standard sliced 'toast' here. You're giving a big chunk of delicious proper toasted bread, which is perfect for ripping apart and dipping into your beans and egg.

Drool.... drool... drool!

Bang! I have a new favourite cafe! If only it was closer to home. However, it's only a couple of blocks away from my girlfriend's house, so it looks like she might get her way and we'll be spending more nights at her house instead of mine. That way we can get up and have breakfast at the Little Ox.

I was however, a little disappointed by the lack of tea choices. They have your standard choices and nothing too exciting on there. Admittedly their English Breakfast was top notch, however, I'd love to see some Russian Caravan or French Earl Grey on their menu.
I'm predicting that you're going to be hearing a lot more about the Little Ox, it's a fantastic little place, the food is homely, produce driven and coffee is great (well, so Em' says - i don't drink the stuff). The staff are fantastic, friendly, fast, professional and of course beautiful.
So, not only do the people of Brighton get to drive fancy cars, live in big houses and have very healthy bank accounts, but they also get to enjoy one of the best cafes I've visited in Melbourne right around the corner from their house.


Anonymous said...

this place is REALLY good! and yes it awsome to have a top cafe walking distance from home! (apart from not being used to so many parked cars in our streets and some illegal parking by huge 4-wheel drives) it used to be an old delapidated milk bar, they've done the inside up fantastic but it would have been cool to keep a clean but vintage/milk bar look about it, especially the old painted milk bar sign that was on the side of the building.

Iron Chef Shellie said...

Sounds fantastic! Lately I'm on the look out for funky places for brunch. This is now on the list!

missS said...

I stumbled on the Little Ox cafe during the week. Been testing some cafe's on my route to work and on Friday made it to the Little Ox. Funny that your blog mentions that the staff are gorgeous as I actually twittered the same thing as I left with my coffee on Friday morning! Good coffee too! Can't wait to battle the crowd for a seat to have breakfast there one of these days.

Rick said...

yes all good, have been a few times and all impresses, bar a niggle. roesti, a swiss dish of raw grated potatoes cooked as a fritata is a simple dish. however it is not just fried mashed potato. having lived in Ch for 10 yrs, and having the staff the staff slaughter the pronunciation (it is rer-shti, not ros-ti). sorry, if you fry mashed spud, then it is mashed spud, not roesti.

dummy spit over, the rest of the menu more than makes up up for this small indiscretion and is one of our family favs. keep it up.