Sunday, July 13, 2008

The First Drop

69 Baptist St, Redfern, NSW 2016 (02) 9690 1611

We found The First Drop by accident. We were actually looking for Danks St Depot, but couldn't find it, so when we stumbled across this place, we thought that we would check it out. Little did I know - we were in the middle of one of Sydney's seediest suburb - Redfern. I probably should have guessed, since every single house in the street had bars on the doors and windows.
During my week in Sydney, went back here two more times. The food here is fresh, hearty and served with pleasant and helpful service.
On my first visit I ordered French Toast with Bacon, Maple Syrup and Fruit Salad. It sounds strange, but tastes delicious! The fruit salad is fresh, the bread is thick, the bacon is salty and the maple syrup's sweetness balances it all out. Delicious. This is actually what I ate again on my third visit.

My second visit I had the Corn Cakes. Made with Sweet Corn and with some crispy Bacon on the side. The Corn Cakes are not so much cakey, they are light and almost fritter like. There's a good ratio of Corn pieces to give the Cakes a good bit of texture.

My friend had vegie options on the two visits to The First Drop that she came to - one was Mushrooms with Fetta on Toast and the other was a vegie breakfast with Avocado, Ricotta, and Tomato, both apparently delicious!
If you're brave enough to venture into downtown Redfern, give this place a shot - I'm a big fan and I bet you will be too!


Giddy Gastronome said...

The food on your blog shows your passion. I love the look of the lamb, but then again everything makes my mouth water!

Adski said...

Thanks giddy!
Glad you like the blog!
If only I had more time to spend on it. Only that would mean less time to eat!