Friday, April 18, 2008

The Commoner

122 Johnston St, Fitzroy 3065. Phone 03 9415 6876

Over a year ago, the guys at The Commoner posted a note on this blog asking me to drop in and check out their place. I guess in the hope that I'd come in and review their recently opened business. Even though the place is about two blocks from my house, I never made it. Until about a month ago that is. You know what? I'm now kicking myself, that I left it so long! I have found myself probably one of the best breakky places around and it's right on my doorstep!
The Commoner is literally next door to the over 30's bar The One Twenty Bar, on Johnston St and is housed in what appears to be a small, old retail building.
The room is decorated with cute little nic-nacs which look like they've been found from around various op shops. The room has a slightly old skool country vibe, which I love- especially in the heart of Fitzroy!

I ordered the Arabic Pancake with Roasted Black Plums and Yoghurt ($14). I thought that the pancake was going to be some fancy Arab spiced pancake, but from what I could tell, it wasn't. It was what goes on top of the pancake that is Arab inspired. Gorgeous sweet, but slightly bitter, deep red plums and delicious yoghurt to balance out any richness from the plums. So good. You only get one pancake on the plate, but it's just enough.

Now to the service. I visited on a day, which was forecast to be 40c and by 9am, it was already bloody hot outside. The lovely waitress offered me a big plate of chilled Watermelon to finish my breakfast, saying "it's going to be a hot one today, here's some watermelon to help get you through." What can I say, but WOW! I mean, it's a bloody plate of water melon, that would probably cost them 30 cents, but it's great little things like that, that makes you fall in love with a place and makes you want to keep coming back!
I had a look at the rest of the menu, as they do lunch (obviously) and dinner as well. The menu reads like it has been put together by a real Melbourne inspired foodie and I can't wait to get back down there and check out some dinner options.
The one bad point about this place? Well, it's not really their fault, but apparently it was reviewed in The Age last week, which means it's going to be packed and hard to get a seat! Good for them... not so good for me.


Cazzie!!! said...

Thats it, I am going there some time really soon! Looks geat!

davy said...

Sorry for the delay but thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed the experience, have you been back since?

J said...

hi Adski.. keep blogging (and cooking)! really love your cookings! :D

Jetsetting Joyce said...

Hi, I went to The Commoner recently for dinner and they told me that they're branching out into an upstairs area in early November, such is their success. And apparently the yoghurt you had is homemade, probably why it was so delicious. Jetsetting Joyce