Monday, August 20, 2007

Son In-Law Eggs

This is my really simplified version of Ezard's Son In-Law eggs, which he serves at Gingerboy.
Ezard serves his with a nice little salad on top, drizzled with Chilli Caramel.
My version is basically the same, but uses less ingredients and is much quicker to put together. This a nice quick little starter to an Asian style dinner party.


4 Eggs
Bunch of Coriander
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Vegetable oil for Deep Frying.


Soft boil your eggs (for about 3 - 4 minutes)
Run cold water over the eggs, so they're cool enough to handle
Peel of the shell, gently, being careful not to damage the whites of the eggs
Heat your Oil to 180c and gently deep fry your eggs until golden
Drain on absorbent paper
Cut the eggs in half and place on a plate, yolk side up. The Yolks should still be slightly runny.
Drizzle some sweet chilli sauce over the eggs and place a little mound of Coriander on the top.
Eat with your fingers, YUM!


Anh said...

Adski, well-done with this dish! I think in Ezard's lotus, he has the recipe rite?

Oh, and I tried Ezard's contemporaty fish and chips after seeing it on your other blog. Excellent! I'll blog about that soon. But thanks so much for inpspiring me!

Adski said...

Thanks Anh... yep, it's in the lotus cookbook... This is just my quick version of it, inspired from that recipe. I couldn't be bothered on the night making chilli caramel, so sweet chilli sauce did the job just right!
Ooh, let me know when you've posted the fish n chips story - they're my fave!! Yum!!

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mutemonkey said...

Oh, DROOL. I really love the Son In-Law Eggs at Gingerboy, had 'em twice so far (reckon they'd taste great with a Bloody Mary around 2pm after a huge night out, whaddya think?)... Thanks for drafting such a simple recipe as an alternative!

Truffle said...

Simply fabulous. I could devour platefuls of this!

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Anna said...

Ah, wow, even more great stuff. Why can't my boyfriend cook like this?!