Saturday, January 27, 2007

Banana Fritters

Who doesn't love Banana Fritters!? I love them, I could eat them everyday! The crunchy battered shell, surrounding the soft, warm, sugary banana, drizzled with golden syrup and resting in the slowly melting vanilla ice cream! I love it.

Since I just bought a deep fryer, I thought I'd give my all time favourite a go. My first attempt was one from Ben and Curtis' Surfing The Menu book. This batter was made of coconut milk, which turned out quite tough and really crunchy... too crunchy. Nothing like the ones I remember eating in Footscray when I was a little kid.
My next attempt was using a beer batter. The batter was literally a cup of flour and enough beer to make a slightly thick batter. Apparently it's best to stir the batter with chop sticks and leave some lumps in there.
This batter turned out perfectly, (as you can see pictured) it was thin, it was crunchy (not too crunchy), and in case you've never had beer batter before - it tastes nothing like beer. The fizzyness of the beer helps keep it light and make it crunchy.
You could make these in a wok or saucepan if you don't have a deep fryer. Give them a shot - I love them! Just like the lady used to make in the vietnamese shop when I was little!


Cindy said...

Yum! Not sure if you're aware of it, but Lady Lunchalot is holding a banana blogging event now: check it out here. I'm pretty sure she'd love to include your fritters if you email her a summary and mini-pic.

(I'll be baking a banana cake next weekend!)

thanh7580 said...

Banana fritters are delicious. I eat them a lot too, but they're extremely bad for my health, so I have to restrict myself.

Adski said...

haha, i know thanh, I love them, but who needs health when you have banana fritters! :)