Monday, November 13, 2006

Bimbo Deluxe

In most cases, I agree witht the saying 'you get what you pay for.' However, in the case of Bimbo Deluxe, I must disagree. $4 gets you a plate sized pizza, topped with various 'gourmet' toppings. Think about the other meals you can get for $4. A McDonalds happy meal, a toasted cheese sandwich or maybe some minimum chips.
Between 7pm - 11pm Sunday to Thursday Bimbo deluxe will serve you some of the best thin crusted pizza in town. It may not be quite as good as I Carusi, but it's up there and for $4, you can't complain!

There's about 15 different pizzas available, with various cheeses like Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Soy Cheese and even Taleggio (beware the Taleggio gives you strange dreams- it's not a myth! If you don't believe it, try it for yourself)
The pizza has a thin base, not perfectly round, slightly crunchy in places and soft in others. It looks truly rustic and is a pleasure to eat.
On this occasion we had the Lamb with spices, rocket and lemon. Very tasty - almost like a open Souvlaki - Italian Style. The rocket and lemon cuts through the meatiness of the lamb and makes for a delicious mouthful.

We also got the Organico Pizza. This is topped with pine nuts, pumpkin, soy cheese and garlic. I also requested that pesto be drizzled on the top as I have previously found that even though the pizza is tasty, it's missing something. The pesto is what it's missing - I highly recommend getting the pesto.
When visiting Bimbo, I recommend getting there at least 20 - 30 mins before the start of 'pizza happy hours.' If you're late, you'll be waiting a while for a seat. Even a few minutes late could mean you miss out on a seat in the dining area and have to eat amongst the smokers and the doof doof in the nightclub room.
Bimbo's also have dessert pizzas which are fantastic! There's a mixed berry version, banana one and there's also a chocolate pizza too.... $4 as well!

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Carly-George said...

You forgot to mention how rude and incompetent the staff are.
It's a bargain I admit, but when my friends and I were there last night we were forced to leave because of the indecent way we were treated by not one but two of the bar staff.
Not only did our food take nearly an hour to arrive because they apparently couldn't find our table that was situated opposite the bar from where our order was placed,.. but there was absolutely no seating. So after standing for ages we decided to grab a chair from outside. Half way through our meal one of the bar staff barked an order at us to return the chair after our meal, and we obligingly said we would. Not even five minutes later another one of the bar bastards came up and ordered us to hand over the chair right then and there..while we were still eating!!! And its not as though we were only eating there $4 pizzas, we'd been spending money on there over priced wine and beer as well. I myself manage a pub on Brunswick st and have never been more disgusted with this so called "customer service." I suppose the name "Bimbo's" really sums up the talented employees the management have got to represent them.