Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gourmet Larder, Daylesford

A bright blue sky and the sun shining through my bedroom window, was all that it took to inspire me to take the day off work. A day of self indulgence was in order and a drive to Hepburn Springs Spa Resort was just the medicine.
After a few hours, of relaxing, lying in the sun, swimming in mineral enriched water and being massaged, one can work up quite an appetite. As there isn't all that much in the way of food in Hepburn Springs, we drove back a few minutes down the road to Dayleford - a decent sized country town with lots of restaurants, retail shops and pubs.
We chose to feed our hunger at the Gourmet Larder Delicatessen. It was such a nice day we chose to sit outside. The menu was based on things that required minimal cooking and tended to feature some local produce. As it's a deli, as expected, there are lots of meats, cheeses and antipasto types dishes.
I went with the Ploughman's lunch ($14.95), which was a huge chunk of Watsonia Cheddar, which was wonderfully creamy, rolled seasoned ham, which reminded me of Christmas time, little pickles, crusty bread, rocket and some feta stuffed peppers. I loved putting together my own sandwiches with all the bits and pieces, the only problem was that I didnt get enough bread! I ran out pretty quickly, with still lots of ingredients left on the plate.

Rachel got the Tuki Lamb chipolata salad ($14.95), which was a warm salad, with very tasty pieces of Lamb sausage and golden slices of potato. A nice match with the Lamb Chipolatas was the addition of mint leaves in the salad, not too many, but just enough. The staff here are lovely and are most welcoming. Being a deli, if you like what you have for lunch, you can of course take home some of the ingredients for yourself to enjoy later. I wish I had of bought some of that cheese! This was the perfect country meal to end our perfect day in Spa Country.

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